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Château Calon Ségur, Saint estèphe 3rd classified cru - 12bouteilles
Château Calon-Ségur

Château Calon-Ségur

Saint Estèphe’s 3rd Classified Growth, Château Calon Ségur is an example of consistency both in its wines and in its terroir: 55 hectares at the time of its classification in 1855, 55 hectares in 2015, 160 years later. Cabernet Sauvignon represents 75% of the blend and is the backbone of the Château’s wines. On this great terroir of Saint-Estèphe, the power is acquired, no need to add, the great wine of Calon Segur is the image of its terroir: rare, authentic, moving. With great naturalness, it reveals both great sweetness and exceptional intensity. All the magic of Calon lies in this balance. The second wine of the property, Marquis de Calon is a different expression of the terroir. With an average of 75% Merlot in the blends, it is an immediately accessible wine, solar and velvety. It enjoys a careful aging of 17 months, with a third of new barrels. 12 Bouteilles recommend you to pay attention to this 2nd wine, Marquis de Calon which is a safe bet.

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    Saint-Estèphe - Bordeaux - Red Wine

    The second wine of Château Calon Ségur, Saint Estèphe 2nd Cru Classé, "Marquis de Calon" is the assembly of young vines and some parcels that do not enter the first wine. The proportion of grape varieties is different from the first wine, the Merlots represent 75% of the blend, in a terroir known for its Cabernet Sauvignon. 12bouteilles selected from...

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