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The piedmont is a region of northern Italy, the most western, second in Italy by size and fifth by the population, it is only the 7th in quantity of wine produced but their quality makes it the giant of Italian wine Piedmont has always been one of the most famous appellations in Italy with typical wines and grape varieties.

It is therefore natural that 12Bouteilles offers its selection of wines from the best winemakers in the region. Piedmont, an area first and foremost famous for its superb red wines, including the Barolo king of wines“, Barbaresco and Dolcetto d’Alba, as well as the sparkling and sweet white wine of Asti. Piedmont wines are unique. They are for the most part from local grape varieties; the noble Nebbiolo, the barbaresco or the gattinara who are all DOCG. The most popular of the red wines are the Barbera d’Alba, but also the Dolcetto d’Alba which is appreciated for its roundness, we also find the Freisa and Grignolo among the regional wines.

The king of Piedmontese wines, the Barolo is captivating, powerful and elegant, a great complex wine that you absolutely must have in your cellar. Its spicy red fruit nose and soft tannin mouth give it its unique personality. The red wines of Piedmont are powerful, from the Nebbiolo they improve in cellar for many years. Piedamont also allows you to discover wonderful white wines under names that represent a third of Piedmont’s wine production. We find among them the famous Asti, sparkling or sparkling and another star, the Gavi a dry white produced only with a local grape named Cortese. The vines are in this region subjected to a rough climate, cold and snowy winters, hot and dry summers, temperature differences are very important. It is this climate that has forged the identity of the vineyards of Piedmont, housed in the hills of Langhe and Monferrato. The winemakers in the region have taken advantage of their territory and the best winemaking techniques to create wonderful wines whose quality is no longer to prove, imposing today as essential!

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    Italy - Red Wine

    This Dolcetto d'Alba 2016 is a wonderfull Italian wine produced by Luigi Pira, a Piedmont winemaker who offers wines of exceptional quality at more than reasonable prices. This red wine is an area of ​​controlled origin (DOC) of the municipality of Alba, produced only on certain parcels of the highest quality. Made from 100% Dolcetto grape varieties in...

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